Monday, September 24, 2012

The dice(die) gods...

I'm not a very religious man and don't really believe in luck, but being human I am predispoed to superstition. The luck of the die gods Apart from the red black and white die collected from the 4th/5th/7th/8th fantasy, 5th/6th 40k, Necroumnda, Mordheim and Dreadfleet over the years (ie. hundreds of die). I got some lucky die that I've had for years

I think these are my lucky brown(red and black speckled ) and yellow pipped die. They are truly blessed by the die gods, Tzeentch may in fact control the die gods themselves.

These less so but they make up my tzeentch die. More fickle like the changer himself.
But I only have a 6 or 7 of each of them from their original dozen. So I may get some more and introduce them slowly to my die karma pool.

What I call my Khorne die. I have 35 of them.

and some more as part of a christmas set.These are my Bretonnian die, they are slightly more lucky than the Khorne die.
I have to get some slaanesh die because I don't think my daemonettes are favoured by the die gods... and Nurgle ones too, but I rarely play Nurgle.

These are fun but not as functional. The 8 colleges of Warhamemr magic are represented.

I do have the Warhammer skull die as well.

and recently got some mantic die from the kickstarter... They're slightly larger and I tend to favour them less.

Then there is the mess of other polyhedrals for D&D and so on.

The missus has yellow die, transparent with white pips that are really hard to see and opaque with black pips (her favourite).

You tend to favour die when playing your armies as to what they tend to roll. I know that being normal die they're not weighted but you tend to believe you think the die gods are helping you along with some of your rolls. The die gods giveth and taketh away.

As to the hobby, I put together another 15 Mantic Orc axe troops and helped the little sorceress put together another 20 Dark elves along with the little liche's help (he wants to be called the ultrasmurf).

I really need to magnetize all the models I take down to the club. It's so much easier in setup and packup time.

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