Sunday, September 30, 2012

Secret Plan Log #1: Assembliing and Pinning Dragon

For the Little Dryad's 12th Birthday I'm assembling and painting up the Twilight sister's on a dragon. Plastic maybe nice to assemble but there is something to be said for drilling and pinning a metal miniature (except the wings which are plastic). Except for the swearing from the heat of holding a piece while you drill in with the dremel a 10,0000 rpms (on the low settings), or drilling pinning, cutting, redrilling, gluing, swearing, redrilling again, cutting, pinning, and finally greenstuffing.

The pinning near the start, on of the more important joins.

...AND 2 HOURS LATER, it is full pinned.

The two sisters balanced precariously on top.

23 days to go and all ready to prime now. I suspect this will be way quicker than the 2 sphynx's I did for the Little Liche's 11th Birthday.


  1. Nicely assembled, it looks quite a beastie!

    Pinning is ceratinly a must for big multiplart metal figures like this, and I have done my share, and like you swore a bit!

    The worst is when your drill snaps leaving it wedgeing in the hole you just made, and you have to drill it out, making a bigger hole, fill that with greenstuff, let it set, then redrill... sigh...

    Looking forward to seeing how you paint it up.

    1. Funny you should mention, I do need a new 0.5 mm drill bit as of last night, but I managed to get it out. They are 1 mm gauge wire in all the pinning points. For strength y'know.

    2. There is a manufacturing jeweler down at P'ram Beach, who I have bought 0.5mm drills from in the past, as the local DIY stores only go down to 1mm.

    3. I've bought them from Mitre 10 and supercheap auto, which are slightly closer.