Friday, September 7, 2012

Mantic Orcs, Dark Vengeance and Bloodletters


My Mantic stuff arrived in the mail today. 1200 points of Orcs thereabouts. Here's my fat arse in some action shots of my new gaming T-shirt.

To the left.
To the right.
Shake it.

I even framed the signed map.
I'll need another copy to game with.

here is a list of stuff I have to to assemble

1 Krudger on Gore, 1 Orc Flagger, 2 Ax Regiments (60), 1 Greatax Regiment (20), 1 Morax Troop (10) 2 Gore Rider Regiments (20), Orclings (1-3 bases)

Very pleased.

It's been a good week. On Wednesday decided to buy the Dark Vengeance box set. I smell a 40k Cultist heavy army in the works. I think my 40k stuff is going to get some love soon. 

1 Dark Vengeance box set Chaos side 20 Kaos Kultists, 6 Chosen, 1 Hellbrute, 1 Kaos Lord and some Dark anglez, but i wont put them together someone else can.

plus the rest of which I have to assemble.
10 Dark Eldar Wyches
10 Dark eldar Warriors
Dark Eldar Raider.

10 Bestigors (will wait till I get another 2 battalions worth of Bestigors(20)).

Plus i have to help the little sorceress assemble Dark Elves and assemble the special project for the little dryad.

I can't even list my unpainted stuff, but it's a measure of my mortality in the time it will take to paint them.

However I did manage to cut into that list and I assembled 20 Bloodletters to fill 25 bases on Wednesday.
I have undercoated them dragon red from the army painter range and mounted them on rocks selected from the driveway. Now I have to fully paint them up and slot them into my Khorne Daemonic Legion.

On a side note, have made it to the Gym 5 days in a row.

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