Monday, September 17, 2012

Labelled Diagram of my Miniatures Storage Room

So, I had to give my daughters more privacy so raised the shelves in the storage room. this meant I had to take all my miniature stuff out and eventually put it back in. This allowed for me to re-organise the entire thing.  I have thusly produced a labelled diagram of my storage room. It is amazing how much shit I have. The VC and Skaven stuff is the missus's stuff..

and the other side.

Oh yeah, have I mentioned we like to read as well, lots of scifi and fantasy books on those shelves as well.


  1. Typical wargamers LOL, probably far too many diverse projects to ever have a hope of completing - much like the rest of us!
    Very organised though ! ;-)

    1. I ensure my longevity by the amount of projects I have.

      Although the polystyrene in the shed is another matter.

  2. Sam's wife Fern here... I beg to differ on the longevity issue... It really does depend how much spousal approval there is for putting aside the additional storage area, as well as just how much is spent on the said miniatures...

    And yes, as for the polystyrene.... Argh!