Friday, September 28, 2012

Daemons versus Chaos Warriors

Had a very enjoyable game last night with Hamish's Chaos Warriors.

This is what I took

2400pts Daemons

    Lord of Change

    Iridescent Corona, Level 3 Wizard, Twin Heads

    Herald of Khorne

        Armour of Khorne, Battle Standard Bearer, Firestorm Blade

    Herald of Khorne

    Armour of Khorne, Firestorm Blade

    Herald of Tzeentch

    Master of Sorcery(beasts), Spell Breaker

    30x Bloodletter, Bloodreaper, Musician

        Standard Bearer

            Icon of Endless War

    19x Bloodletter, Bloodreaper, Musician, Standard Bearer

    22x Pink Horror

    Iridescent Horror, Musician,

        Standard Bearer

                Icon of Sorcery

    3x Screamer

    3x Screamer

    Fiend of Slaanesh

    Fiend of Slaanesh

This is what Hamish took, plus a few magic items and standards I can't remember.


Sorceror Lord

    Disk of Tzeentch, Level 4, Mark of Tzeentch

    Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Infernal Puppet

Exalted Hero

Chaos Steed (barded), Mark of Tzeentch, Shield

Exalted Hero

Army Battle Standard, Mark of Khorne, On foot


38x Chaos Marauder

    Marauder Chieftain, Musician, Standard Bearer, Mark of Khorne


38x Chaos Marauder

    Marauder Chieftain, Musician, Standard Bearer, Mark of Khorne


Chaos Warriors

    Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, 24x Chaos Warrior, Mark of Khorne

7 Chaos Knights

    Mark of Tzeentch

Chaos Warshrine


We had minimal scenery and rolled Battleline.I deployed (from my left to right) 3 Screamers, LoC, 20 Bloodetters+Herald on one flank, in the middle I put the Horror unit+Herald and the 2 Fiends either side and on the right flank I had the big horde of Bloodletters and Herald and the other 3 Screamers. Hamish put (from my left to right) 38 Marauders, 24 CW w/ Exalted, Shrine, 7 CK w/Exalted, disc lvl 4 Lord behind CK, and other 38 Mrauders on far flank with the Hellcannon in the middle at the back.

Hamish won the roll for starting.

CW Turn 1

Not much happens, he moves up all his guys maximum and fails to cause any damage, he kills 1 Horror off with the Hellcannon and gets an extra attack for EOTG on his Chaos warriors.

Daemons Turn 1

I move my screamers up to the flanks of his Marauders along iwth LoC.I move 1 fiend in between his CKs, CW and just in front of his warshrine. I charge one fiend into CKs hoping to get them to overrun exposing their flank to my Horrors. he promptly dies and the CKs don't overrun to far enough setting up for their charge in his turn 2. I move my bloodletters up and leave the horros where they are. The LoC take 3 marauders out with flickering fire.

CW Turn 2
He charges his Knights into my horrors and the warshrine into the remaining fiend. He moves his marauders on the left to face the Lord of change. He Challenges and the iridescent horror dies and does a few more wounds and I lose combat losing a couple of Horrors which are down to 10. Hellcannon removes a couple more daemons.

Daemons Turn 2

I charge both units of Bloodletters into Marauders and manouevre the screamers behind his units and plonk the Lord Of change in the middle of his army. The LoC casts gift and takes a few off each unit and 1 wound on his lvl 4 disc lord. Exalted challenges my Herald  in horrors nit who does not accept, the CK take of another few Horrors. Both units of letters take about 10 wounds but cause about 20 wounds to each unit of marauders who turn and flee and get chased down and wiped out. The remaining fiend is finally wipe out by the Shrine.

CW Turn 3
Shrine charges LoC, CKs take the Horror unit down to 2 and the Herald declines challenge again. the LoC takes 1 wound off the shrine and doesn't cop any wounds. The Chaos Warriors manouvre to take on the Bloodletters on the right.  Hellcannon charges the remaing 5 Bloodletters and herald and kills them overruninng 15" directly behind the CK. his Sorcerer goes out of charge range of my LoC up in the top right.

Daemons turn 3
His exalted finally get the challenge accepted by the Herald of Tzeentch.

Who then turns into a Mountain Chimera, who then disintegrates him. The CKs hold due to Steadfast and kill the rest of the horrors. The LoC causes 3 wounds on the shrine which flees and gets run down. I move my bloodletters around to face his Chaos Warrriors. His Lord eats another flickering fire taking him down to 1 wound. I slashing attack his Chaos warriors taking a couple out and setting up for rear charges

CW turn 4
The Mountain Chimera continues on as he rolls snake eyes for winds of magic. He east the rest of the Chaos Knights and overruns 10 Inches. Hamish Charges his CWs into my bloodletters and the Sorcerer Lord into the rear and he ends up taking out 16 bloodletters with combat result casualties and not taking a wound on his lord.

Daemons Turn 4
I roll a 2 and a 1 for winds of magic so the Chimera is still around and charges the Hellcannon and promptly destroys it. My Lord of Change goes hunting for his Sorcerer. The Chaos warriors eat the rest of bloodletter and turn and face my Chimera. I have a brain fart and fail to charge my LoC in.

CW turn 5
He finally dispels my Chimera and the Herald dies with wounds caused earlier, that's about it.

Daemons turn 5
I move my Lord of change up to try and take out his sorcerer positiong around his flank.

CW turn 6
He moves his level 4 into the bottom corner so I can't charge it. basically Hiding. He Charges his Chaos warriors into my greater daemon. the exalted challenges, loses and dies. he breaks on an 11 and flees and I don't quite make it to run him down. he kills off 2 screamers with gateway.

Daemons turn 6
I chase down the CWs with my Lord of Change. I'm left with 2 units of Screamers and a Lord of change and he's left with an unkillable sorcerer lord in the far corner.

Minor Victory to me.

Things I've learned: I didn't charge soon enough with my Lord of change into the Chaos Warriors. Screamers didn't fare as well, but they were slashing against heavily armed units. Puppet sucks, there were at least 6 irresistables rolled though nothing really happened. Mountain Chimera rocks. His Tzeentch fairs poorly without treason not being able to do anything against my units. EOTG doesn't work when killing unit champions in challenges, very impotant to remember.

Man of the Match: Herald of Tzeentch with beasts Lore, Hulking out and taking out 1 exalted champion, 7 Chaos Knights and a Hellcannon. Booya!

Lots of good fun against a tough opponent.

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