Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dreaming (What to do?)

Ok so I do a lot of dreaming.

There are so many choices...what do I get next?

Daemons (until they redo the greater daemons next year)
2x 10 Plaguebearers

Soulgrinder conversion(soulgrinder body and arachnarok) Needs to be less metally
2 x5 Harpies (Avatars of War harpies)

2 trebuchets (Zvezda 1/72)
2 lots of War of the Roses Archers/halberdiers (Perry)

Flames of War
Boxes of infantry, infantry heavy weapons and t34s (Plastic soldier company)maybe 2 of each. A huge morass of Strelkovy and some support options. There is nothing like quantity of cheap infantry...

Kings of War
1000 point Goblin army to attach to my Orc army, 1 more lot of Morax. It may get bigger but I digress.

1 Battalion
2 Razorgor conversions (non GW-still sourcing these)
1 unit of Minotaurs (non GW-still sourcing these)

What I'd like

Flamers, Nurglings, Screamers
Exalted Daemon Chariot of Slaanesh
Hell Flayer

What I have ideas for armies I'd like to do and have started
Tamurkhan Nurgle Chaos Warrior Army (Tamurkhan and lots of Avatars of War Warriors of Pestilence)
Valkia the Bloody Khorne Army (using Avatars of War Warriors of Apocalypse and lots of standin Marauders)
Escher Tank Company 40k (From Necromunda  (alreqdy have 50 of these and a dozen 1/48 scale tanks, will run them as IG)
Beastmen 40k (already have 100 of these converted up, may run them as Orks)
Chaos Cultist army (run as IG/CSM)
Dark Eldar
3 box Warriors, 4 Venoms, 1 Raider, 3 Ravagers, 1 box Scourges, 2 boxes Reapers.

As to dreaming, this is cool...


  1. Plastic Soldier Co. T34's - a great kits as you can make two sets of tanks from one kit as they include both full turret options. Bargain!

  2. Ooh two sets? So just switching the turret?

    1. Yeah, the hull remains the same, but there's two full turret options on the sprue, so you can do the regular T34 or the T34/85 just by swapping the turrets.
      Its probably their best value kit to date, very versatlie for fielding both MW and LW forces!