Thursday, June 6, 2013

GW Stomping on Bitz Sellers.

Looks like GW has been stomping on independant resellers providing legitimate services. Way to stifle innovation.

Bye Bye Bits

It has been a privilege and a lot of fun to be the bits supplier for so many amazing conversions on battlescapes the world over.  But, like all good things this too must come to an end.  Because we wish to remain part of the greater Imperium (Games Workshop) we must be compliant with it’s policies.  An act of noncompliance would surely bring Roboute Guilliman and his Ultra-Marines (corporate lawyers) thundering down on our homeworld (store) to bare none other than destruction on what we have worked so hard to build over the past 14 years.
If the political climate changes and Games Workshop permits individual bits to be sold again you can count on us to be the bits supplier you’ve always known.
As of Monday, June 10th,’s Battlewagon Bits will no longer be filling orders or clipping new bits. Our plan is to break the bits room down to form the most awe-inspiring Mondo Bits Bags ever made.
The Mondo Bits Bags will be available starting Monday evening, June 10th until Friday night, June 14th on a first come, first served basis.
Unfortunately, after the 14th we will cease to sell Games Workshop bits.
Thank you to all of our customers for your business and support of our bits program throughout the years.  It has been an honor.


  1. They have trimmed the hobby to 'its our way or the highway' mentality... unless you can buy it in their store they aren't interested, so all that terrain making, and conversions etc of yester year are gone... "Buy this box at outrageous price in store and paint it like we tell you and that's it" has become their mantra... as you say, stifling innovation ...
    You pays your money, you makes your choice... there's plenty of mon-GW hobby options out there these days...

    1. Interesting reading and speculation...


    2. Yeah I read that, I don't think it's gonna change their business model.