Friday, June 14, 2013

Paragon of Decay - 2nd Nurgle Legion - Round 1

The mountain pass rumbled with doom, a Great Nurgle Legion was approaching the blighted lands of the Vampires. Hasurkil the Harvester of Entropy had decided the undead horde of Valter Harkon was to be cropped. Too long had the undead flesh stayed the hand of decay and entropy. The Grandfather was guiding the scythe of Hasurkil to reap the undead scourge.  The Undead were today an obimnation that had to be eradicated. Life had to bloom again so it could decay.

So I played Nick in round 1 and wiped out his Vampire blender lord undead army and took one of his mountains.

I took: Paragaon of Decay with Chaos Warrior core

Hasurkil Bloodpus the Harvester of Entropy - Daemon Prince General of 2nd Nurgle Legion.

Chaos Armour,  Demonic Flight, Level 4, Lore of Nurgle, Mark of Nurgle,
Flaming Breath, Scaled Skin, Soul feeder, Charmed Shield, Dragonbane Gem, Sword of Striking

Exalted Hero BSB - "Aaron Gilmore" of the faded white flag.

Hideous Visage, Poisonous Slime, Dawnstone, Enchanted Shield
40 Chaos Marauders with flails, mark of Nurgle and full command
20 Chaos Warriors  with Halberds, mark of Nurgle and full command 
1 x Chimera, Flaming Breath, Regenerating Flesh 
4 x Beast of Nurgle
1 x Beast of Nurgle
1 x Beast of Nurgle
5 x Furies of Nurgle
5 x Furies of Nurgle  
Chaos Spawn (60pts) Mark of Nurgle

Nick had:
VC Blender Lord,
10 Black Knigths
30 Ghouls
30 Skellies
3 Wraiths
2 x 5 Dire wolves
Black Coach
7 Blood Knights

I had bad dice rolling this game and only got one spell off, however mitigated this with manoevreing of DP and Chimera. Most of the game I had the ascendancy so didn't have to suffer the Scorn of Chaos which was great. Nick sucked his BSB down a hole and killed his blood knights with the aoe and left my DP swatting at the air. The beasts were again the stars of this battle, they lasted forever and did exactly what I needed them to do. My BSB (appropriately named after the battle because he was made of fail) was crap, rolled 12 and then 10 for my break test on my Nurgle Marauders who ran and got mowed down by the Black knight bus. Plague wind finished most of them off took the last wound off the VC general. Blood knights die really easily and is most satisfying with every wound they take.
In the Aftermath my Chaos Warriors got promoted to a regiment of renown and gained Stubborn, So they're now called the "Warriors of Eternal Lesions". Bad ass if you ask me.  I might sit tight on my 3 Mountains and delve next round. Get some of the good gold and maybe some armour for my GUO.

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