Tuesday, October 23, 2012

VC work in progress and gaming day at home

So we had a bit of a gamin' day Labour day holiday here. I wrote up eight 1000pt armies for the kids and neighbour to game with. We played three 1000 point games with Daemons beating VC, Tomb Kings beating Orcs and Dark Elves drawing against Daemons.

The Calm before the Storm.  8 Army lists lined up and dining table extended.
Daemons Vs VC and Tomb Kings vs Orcs
...and finally some pictures the missus has been painting. I assembled the Dragon and Terrorgheist because she hates assembling Big Gribbly things.
Terrorgheist (Zoe)...She's a female terrorgheist. Cos y'know a little backstory to the fluff is the woman's touch.
Zombie Dragon...I see you shakin' that ass!
Green wings with druichi violet wash and purple ink on the back of the wings.
The green effect has come up nice. I think she is going with bone frame. Oh and his name is Leo. Because he has lop ears (horns)
Base for Mortis Engine or Coven Throne, she hasn't decided which.
Brown for Mortis Engine and Grey is for Coven Throne.
More assembling of Black Knights and Hex Wraiths. Yep that's 15 of each.
Comparison of wing effects of normal fell bat with mummy terrorgheist.


  1. I like the washes on the 'ghosties', I will probably do something similar if and when I get round to doing my ones for LOTR.

  2. The blue one is the old GW blue ink on grey undercoat, followed by enchanted blue and astronomican :) Asurmen just doesn't have the pigment that the old ink does

    The green one is just the black green Vallejo game ink over grey undercoat :)