Saturday, October 13, 2012

More Painting

So I have finished assignement 3 for Stats(bleh) and I get to do more painting(yay). Dragon is coming along handsomely I must say.
Right side

Left side.

I used a combination of finger tip and brush technique for blending on the wings.
Twilight sisters with base coats

Fern is assembling her 15 Black Knights and 15 Hex Wraiths, talk about hardcore VC.

Sam out


  1. Th Dragon is coming on very well.
    Good choice of movie in the backgroud ... Young Frankenstein... classic! Managed to pick it up myself recently for another viewing as part of my Emprie of theh Dead 'inspiration' ;-)

    1. The Dragon is a very very very cool model, the paint just loves being applied to it. Daughter is gonna love it.

      Young Frankenstein is probably my favourite Mel Brooks movie. So many cheap but classic lines. Watched it for like 30th time yesterday.