Wednesday, October 24, 2012

VC Giant Gribblies and Khorne Daemons painting update and CW news

We're in full on painting mode at the moment. Missus has been painting more on her big VC gribblies and they are coming up a treat. I'm still trying to decide which one I like the best and wishing I could paint them now.

Leo the Zombie Dragon with one wing almost done.
Zoe the TerrorGheist with a lot of colour.

I'm also finishing the rest of my Khorne daemons now that I've done the Twilight sister's Dragon. Left to go I only have 20 Bloodletters and 13 Flesh hounds(14 -looking for the other, think it's in my stripping pot). I greenstuffed their gaps, basecoated all the gaps and inked them last night. I really dislike seeing the Blooletters with a line across their foreheads, this really annoys me, almost as much as opening the moustrap game for my son and not letting him play with it until I had cleaned off all the flash. The rocks are going to be giant warpstone, so black with green/white highlighting like the weapons.

And some Chaos Warriors news...60 point rare Jugger Knights at T5 and 20 pt special marauders on steeds of Slaanesh. The Juggers give me more hope that my Bloodcrushers will be reduced in cost and uppped to T5 because at the moment they are hopeless.

Valkia is so beautiful I might bend my finecast avoidance rule. I like Scyalla and Festus. Still undecided on the Shrine.

Scyla looks better like this

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