Tuesday, October 9, 2012

BRUCE IS IN DA' HOUSE and other stuff

Guess what I got in the mail today. I'm super happy.

He's called Bruce.

He was a little worse for ware and missing a whole bunch of bits but managed to get him to primer stage after cleaning off mould lines and flash. Some people are tragic at this hobby. One resurrected giant for $30. luv trademe.

Have also done the base coats for the belly and horns and wings for the Twilight sisters dragon and it's looking even more impressive now.

Also put in our pledges on the Reaper Pledge Manager and now all we have to do is wait.

So had a week off and mostly did study and played with the kids.

On Thursday took the 3 kids and the neighbour's down to the gaming club and they played 1k points each, tombkings and Dark elves versus Night Goblins and Wood Elves. Only got 3 turns done but they had a tonne of fun. 6 Trolls in a watchtower are very hard to root out and they had a hoot about the fanatics. Oldest son was miffed because he forgot his army book and didn't have time to get into some 40k.

On Saturday rolled chars for all the kids to play D&D 3.5 edition. It will probably take another session to get all the stuff sorted but then we can start with some dungeons. I have the d20 Warlock of Firetop Mountain which I ran about 8 years ago for my last gaming group. Excellent starting campaign. in order of age they chose Elven Ranger, Halfling Rogue, Elven Sorceress, Gnome druid and Half-elf paladin. should be interesting. I'll have to do some more room templates up with hirst arts blocks. And I got the kids to do some maths as well;-). Still deciding whether to go 4th ed. or go Pathfinder.

On Sunday we had trading day down at the local club and managed to score an old Tzeentch sorcerer and some old 3rd edition fiends. So didn't get much but managed some swaps. The kids got more than me.

Little Dryad got some 20mm napoleonics, 8 wardancers and 10 dryads (still 25 more to buy when she has more pocket money.)
Little Liche got 2 devastator squads and an assault Squad of Space Marines.
Little Sorceress decided to collect dark eldar and got 2 swooping hawks, 7 guardians and a banshee. I added another 4 when we got home.
The Little Berzerker picked up a squad of CSM's, 3 CSM bikes and 12 Khorne Berzerkers. Guess he's collecting Chaos in 40k ow. He'll have to wait until xmas  for the stunties though.
The Little barbarian got a tank and some army men.

All happy. As this was first annual it was pretty good to see a few extras and get some good trades in. I think Nathan was a bit perplexed to see me in my Mantic shirt. Hehe.

Oh and I assembled more Mantic Orcs...fully assembling an army takes a long time.Especially from scratch. usually I would be buying and doing up a unit at a time.

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