Friday, October 12, 2012

Pure Khorne Daemons Vs Tournament Orcs & Gobbos

So I had a battle against Nick's Orcs & Goblins last night at the club.

He took:
Savage Orc Warboss
A handful of mages and chars (Can't remember what... I mean who can count with goblins they didn't do much anyway)
40 Savage Orc Big Un's
50 goblin bowmen with poison
18 Blorcs
8 Trolls
2 Rock Lobbers
2 Bolt throwers
1 doom diver.

What I took
Tooled up bloodthirster
2 HoKs on Juggers (one a BSB)
26 Bloodletters FC
23 Bloodletters FC
12 Bloodletters
6 Flesh hounds
6 Flesh hounds

Rolled scenario for Watchtower...again. I deploy 12 'letters in watchtower. in hindsight I'm gonna drop this unit or beef it up.


From my left to right: Bloodcrusher + 1 unit of hounds on flank, 1 unit of hounds in middle, big unit of letters with HOK BSB and skulltaker on right side of middle, bloodcrusher shielding Bloodthirster and other unit of letters with HOK on flank.

Orcs & Gobbos
From my left to right:
Doomdiver, bolt thrower, 50 gobbos, rocklobber at back, bolt thrower,18 Blorcs, 40 SO Big'Uns, rock lobber and 8 trolls on my right flank

Orc Turn 1
Savage Orcs fail animosity and try to charge watchtower, trolls fail leadership, Blorcs move up, Artillery does nothing, magic bounces off my hounds. Bloodthirster takes hit from stone thrower and shrugs it off.

Daemon Turn 1: I move my army up maximum to charging distance. the big letter horde to charge either the SO big Un's or the trolls.

Orc Turn 2: Blorcs charge my flesh hounds and I kill half a dozen of them and he takes 1 wound away leaving me with 5 flesh houdns, SO Big'Uns charge the watchtower wiping out my 12 Letters inside. Magic does nothing.... and then BAMMMM, Stone thrower direct hits again on the Bloodthirster, I fail my ward, he rolls 6 on wounds. Bloodthirster is pwned. DAMN!

Daemon Turn 2:
Not good, not good, not good. BAH.... I decide to roll with the punches and continue on. The left Bloodcusher charges doom diver and wipes them out and overruns off the board, other flesh hounds wipe out bolt thrower and overrun. failed leadership on ovverrunnning. Somebody sabotaged my brakes.
Cookies in the background...mmm yum.

Battle is joined
Big unit of Bloodletters charge the trolls killing 4 of them. Firestorm blade ftw. I take a few casualties and trolls flee. I follow but don't roll high enough. They wont be back right withh LD4? right? my other bloodletter move up behind trolls to give support and the other bloodcrusher moves up. in front of the big bloodcrusher unit.
No more War Machine left here.

Stupid Greater Daemon

Orc Turn 3
SO big Un's hole up some more in the watchtower. the flesh hounds and Blorcs take a few more wounds off. each other, down to 4 flesh hounds and 8 Blorcs. The gobbo unit turns to shoot down the flesh hounds and bloodcrusher on far left flank. They kill a couple of Fleshounds. Bloodcrusher scores another direct hit from rock lobber and dies. That's 3 direct hits from the same rock lobber. The other rock lobber blows up. The trolls flee to the edge of the table.

"That's the last we've seen of them!"
Poison shooter gobbo unit turns to wipe out my Flesh hounds
Daemon Turn 3
I turn to face my Big Bloodletter unit at the watch tower and reform 6 wide. My other letter move around to provide 1-2 punch on the watch tower if needed. I ignore the fleeing trolls. The Blorcs go down to 5 and flesh hounds down to 2. I manouevre my left fleshounds around and the bloodcrusher as well. They're not going to do much I think.

Orc Turn 4
Trolls rally on a 4...ffs. Ah well. I ignore them as they're going to take a long time getting into combat. The flesh hounds are killed off by the gobbo archers. The Blorcs go down to 3 and the fleshounds down to 1. another direct hit fromt hat rock lobber on my untouched bloodletter unit.

Daemon Turn 4
I charge my remaining bloodcrusher into his unit of archers who fail to kill him, he challenges and wipes out unit champion. I charge my big letter horde into the watch tower. Skulltaker issues a challenge and does nothing agianst the unit champion, the herald kills the savage orc Warboss(finally something going my way) and the remaining letters take out 3 more SO Big Uns. He does 9 wounds back and I back out from the tower. The Blorcs kill off the last Flesh hound and go down to 2 left.

He rolls a 6 to end the game. Double damn. My luck was crap tonight and I lose. Another turn and I would have wiped out his mage in the unit(who was giving them a 5+ ward) and whittled them down maybe winning combat. he passed all his frenzy checks to not move out of the watch tower. I just needed more turns and I may have pulled a win out.
My Graveyard.

What I learnt:

Khorne Magic Defence is awesome. I was a little perturbed to start off with I would have no magic defence but the MR(1)+ for the entire army is awesome. His magic did virtually nothing the whole game

Artillery sucks. Furies are in order. I will drop the unit of bloodletters and take 2 units I think.

Skulltaker is awesome, I'm never leaving home without him in a khorne army at WS9 I9 and 5+ Killing blow in challenges, he's almost certain to kill characters.

Must sacrifice virgins instead of goats to the dice gods before game.

Here's a picture of my number one cheerleader assmbling her black knights...with green hair and green nails. It's spring and she's going through a green phase.

Sam out.

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