Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mold making, Warhammer and Having fun with Mordheim

So I've been fairly busy over the last few weeks. Playing lots of games of Warhammer and introducing the kids to Mordheim and D&D. The first session we had with D&D (Pathfinder Rules) was a blast as we were running through a conversion of Warlock of Firetop Mountain (Myriador).

As to Mordheim its proving even more popular than warhammer with the kids and they get to use some of the miniatures from their armies to play their warbands. Some of the experimental and unofficial warbands are fairly overpowered though.

I've been making some latex rubber molds to make my scenry casting go faster for mordheim and warhammer. the mold making takes a fair few days to dry but am looking forward to the results. I will be making a LOT of towers and probably even a CASTLE at some point.

Using some of the Woodland Scenics Latex rubber to speed up my hirst arts casts.

One of the many many many games I've played against Hamish's Skaven or Chaos Warrior list in anticipation for the teams event.
My terrain adds to itself. Authentic spiderwebs under the stairs on one of my Arcane fulcrums.

Zoom in on spider webs.

Mordheim map we've been using recently with a bridge in the middle. Makes for deadly sniping on the bridge.

Battling across the bridge. My outlaws of Stirwood forest versus the missus's Undead Warband.

View from mordheim central park across the city.


  1. I'll be interested to see how your casting process goes, its always been something I have been curious about having a go at.

    Was the latex/resin stuff expensive?

    I like the look of that Mordheim board, it would be cool for 'Empire of the Dead' too...

  2. The latex rubber was $41.50 and I'e used about half to cast up all the mold stuff you see there. It takes a while as you paint it on in layers and add cheesecloth/Muslin/Gauss to the second layer or so. About 6-12 hours depending on heat.