Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More Khorne Finished

Bloodcrushers and Herald on Khorne Chariot are done and bases magnetized. Pics to come when camera is fixed. I just need to do some movement trays to keep them in the cupboard. [EDIT] KK pics added

3 Bloodcrusher Command
 Another 3 BloodCrushers
 Herald on Khorne Chariot
and the other side...

I have started on the gorgeous GW Cocaktrice and  3 Pox riders of Nurgle. My wife was commenting on how disgusting the toads look. I must say I agree once more paint goes on, they are simply beautiful miniatures. I may not get more because how prohibitively expensive they are, but I got all 3 unique miniatures and I am satisfied.
Cockatrice so pretty.
 Cockatrice in pink yellow and blue.

Ordered my Daemon Battalion the other day from the US, 40 -50% off NZ RRP including shipping is nothing to sneeze at, especially when the prices are so over inflated anyway.I'm goign to do be basing up 2 to 3 each on regiment bases (25mm x 100mm) so I can rank them up properly as it's a jigsaw puzzle just trying to rank them up normally.


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