Sunday, June 24, 2012

Aw bugger it!

Ah well I decided to pledge to $175 which gets me instead

A Kings of War Hardback Rulebook,
10 Dice
A Kickstarter exclusive Undead Skeletal Dog Handler
1000 points Orcs – 1 Krudger on Gore, 1 Orc Flagger, 2 Ax Regiments (60), 1 Greatax Regiment (20), 1 Morax Troop (10) 2 Gore Rider Regiments (20), Orclings (1-3 bases)
3 Celestian Angels,
5 Celestian Battle Sisters,
5 Celestian Men-at-Arms,
either 5 Elf Cavalry or 5 Twilight Kin Knights,
5 Immortal Guard,
5 Fleabag Riders,
5 Brock Riders,
3 Trolls,
5 Palace Guard,
5 Mummies,
5 Gargoyles.
3 Abyssal Golems
Orc Gore Chariot or a Fight Wagon
Your name immortalised in the Kings of War Hardback Rulebook
A free electronic version of the Kings of War Hardback Rulebook
An electronic version of the Kings and Legends Supplement
A signed Lithoprint of the Mantica Map
a free ticket to our Mantic Party in September/Gencon Kings of War event in August (yay)
Undead Standard Bearer
the Undead Vampiress from the cover art of the book
"Wip the Half-cast" - an Orc Wizard Special Character from the Mantic Point Scheme.

I'd like to see GW do something like this for value... I highly doubt it.

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