Friday, June 15, 2012

Fern's First Post

Hi All,

So I haven't posted anything about any of my three armies yet, as I've been letting Sam post his stuff first.  I collect Vampire Counts, Goblins (not a fan of Orcs) and Skaven.

Vampire Counts

I absolutely adore the Vampire Counts miniatures and really enjoy playing the army.  Probably because it's my first army, it's also the largest one I have.  I think I have approximately 10,000 points worth at the moment, although not all are on the shelf at the moment.  There's still a lot to be assembled and put on the shelf.


I have pretty much all the goblins that I want now.  I really enjoy playing games with them, as I just can't stop laughing at all the crazy stuff that happens, but I don't like the miniatures as much as my other armies.  I can easily play a 3000 point game, and could probably stretch to 4k if I wanted to.  The only extras I will probably plan on getting are another Arachnarok spider and some squigs.
There's currently 438 miniatures in the army.  I've fully painted and flocked around 150 of the goblins, with around 80 unprimed and the rest undercoated with about half of the skin painted.  Hopefully these will all be painted in the next couple of months.


This is my favourite army of the lot, despite the fact that I haven't even assembled enough miniatures to ever play a game with even 500 points.  I adore the miniatures and I'm desperately looking forward to assembling and painting my army.  With my Skaven though, I've decided to go the longer path and collect the entire army before assembling and painting anything (well, apart from the Lizardmen slaves that Clan Spittle captured for me).
Anyway, that’s all from me until next time.
Take care and have fun,

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