Friday, November 7, 2014

Portable Fenn's Table

So I've started to build a portable Trollblood's Fenns Table. Ideally this will be suited to Warmahordes, small games fo Warhammer, Malifaux, Wrath of Kings and any other Fantasy styled skirmish game. I've used 5mm ply and 19mmx65mm pine for support and surrounding framework. A couple of hinges, handles and catches and voila. Now I've made the structure I've just got to do the scenic base and stain the framework and backside.
Display table with cork and my special 50/50 crushed pumic beach sand mix and 1 bottle of PVA later.

Path of Hirst Arts molded pavestones ends in the middle, there will be a small stream probably running through the middle.

And the other side. Corkboard jutting up against the path.

This is going to be a marshy area. I will likely add some more sand and paint before adding some water effects clear resin.

Hinge support and nice strong hinges.

Most likely have nice grassy expanses in these areas. The cork will be grey slate.

Another top down view of the road.

And the other side

The whole table contained and locked. Looks good if I don't say so myself.

And a picture of the whole thing, can be put away for use and carried in the car boot.

The underside. Contemplating adding some material to cap the end to make it look pretty.

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