Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nurgle versus Dwarfs in the ruins

Matt is an up and coming Dorf player just joined our club. He has some awesome painting skills and we've been running some games. I got invited over to his place on the weekend to have a look at his basement gaming setup. He also has some scenery printing business on the side he's trying to promote.

The Dorfs stare nervously across the battlefield. The walls and castles are printed scenery. Only the tower isn't.
Top down view of the action.

Nurgle in all it's glory; Blood and pestilence spread by the grandpap of disease.

The stalwart dorfs.

Pincer movement of Epidemius, Furies and GUO to avoid unfortunate cannon accidents in first turn.

Iron drakes and Cannon defend the hill.

Beast has the flank all to himself. These guys can handle themselves, I've had single beasts kill Orc warlords, Unkilleable Chaos BSBs, Stonehorns. Daemon Princes, and countless infantry.

Nurglings in the forest. These Varmint aint your normal woodland creatures.

Kill pile at end of second turn. Both generals killed each other. Stupid daemonslaying rune.

Beasts are fast. I had one unit of 6 of them chewing though the thunderers. The rest of the Plaguebearers walking through the forest after the

Gyrobomber hits beast twice without scattering and the Beast saves both much to Mark's chagrin. He then charges and gets cutdown by the Iron Drakes.

Epidemius and Plaguebearers eat into the Hammerers. Tzeentch's will had taken off more daemons than the hamerrers had at this point.

Plague Drones start eating the longbeards, the cannon crew are overrun by beasts after the beasts chew through the thunderers. The big unit of plaguebearers faces down the other unit of hamerers.

Nurgle Cleaning up what's left.
At the end of the battle only the Gyrobomber and 8 Iron drakes survived the pestilent massacre, I'd lost my GUO, all my furies and a handful of casualties from every unit to double 1 result on reigns of chaos table. We ended up talking about more effective dwarf tactics after the game and how he possibly should have castled in on of the corners and provided better support as I was able to take on his guys one at a time.

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