Monday, November 17, 2014

Portable Fenn's Table update 2

So I managed to squeeze in a few half hours here and then to getting some painting done. Black basing and grey and white highlighting for the rocks and slate and some green basing on expanses for the grass to go over. I'm looking at water effects for the marshy area and adding reeds and shrooms and maybe some skeletons in the marsh (oh wait that's lord of the rings) all the mistakes will be covered in flock or static grass. The large flat areas are mostly for terrain pieces I've got planned for various systems. The trollbloodcentric ones will come first.

The whole board is coming together quite well. Masking tape on the edges to avoid getting paint on the rims. I will need to sand some of it off though.

Closer look at one of the paths. add a little bit of grass and flock here and there and it will be magnifique.

And the other side, it looks like a well worn road.

The marshy area, going to fill up close to the edges with darkened water effects.

Close up of the corner, looks great with the graduated highlighting and drybrushing.


  1. nicely done. bags the inaugural game on it (supposing it is done before January)

  2. Jebjeb. It will be on like donkey kong