Monday, August 27, 2012

Reaper kickstarter finished

So the Reaper kickstarter finished and we ended up ordering  3 Vampires plus about $150 worth of extras. That is spread out amongst me, the missus, the little dryad, liche and sorceress. They wanted Dragons. Dragons are cool. So just have to wait for the Survey or the Reaper pledge manager and then can order exactly what we want. Here's a link someone has done up for the exact names and metal value of each miniature.

As to Mantic kickstarter it looks like my first lot of stuff is getting sent out this week -

As to the weekend, got a lot more Dark Elves put together for the little sorceress.

3 Cold one Riders, 2 to go.
10 corsairs assembled 10 to go.
Dark Elf sorceress on cold one assembled
Dreadlord assembled.
4 out of 28 Dark Elf warriors assembled.

I need more black spray paint so will order some more paint from here.

I need to finish my Daemonettes so I can get started on other stuff, so I did put a little amount of painting on the weekend.


  1. Re; Black Spray - I switched to using Plastikote Metal primer from Mitre10, cheaper than GW or Army painter, just as good, and costs less... plus no shipping costs :-)

    1. As yet I have not tried it on plastics, though have used it on metal and resin, no probelsm with either.
      I can't see why it would have an adverse effect... next time I spray something up I'll whack a bit on some old plastic sprue and see what happens, and let you know.