Monday, August 20, 2012

Miscellaneous August Update

Haven't had too much time to do painting as I've been studying. and tired due to having to fly to hamilton and back yesterday to vistis Fern's grandma in hospital. After I finish my assignment I'll get the Daemonettes finished and get something else on my painting table.

If there is 1 place I'd like to be right now it would beat Gencon... linking someone elses pictures shamelessly.

The Reaper bones kickstarter is going insane. I'll be putting in a pledge on wednesday for vampire level + some extras. anyway it's up around 930k and it's an insane amount of figures. Just too good to pass up.

I'm just using my blog to spitball so I like the look of fire giant and Ice giant kings and queens, some of the dragons and maybe the spider centaurs. I already have a jabberwocky as a stand in for my jabberslythe in my beastmen army.

The new 40k box set is out next month and it looks like I might need a whole bunch of cultists. They'll make awesome Necromunda gangs and then i just have to find someone who like Dark Angels.

Or just add them into the Morass of my Necromunda Escher tank LATD company or 40k Beastmen LATD army. My Dark Eldar are getting no love, so might just grow them organically. Actually no, I lie, I undercoated all my Dark Eldar and my next lot of 20 Bloodletters in Dragon Red Army Painter primer and am goign to go for a lot of blackwashes and some gold highlighting.

My youngest daughter turned 10 and got Dark Elves for her birthday so had a session putting together the Corsairs as she thought they looked awesome. She's been fastdiously reading her army book and cackling.

My other daughter, the wood elf one is going to get a dragon for her birthday, much like the oldest son got his sphinxes.

As to daemons, they'll have to wait til next month at least for what I want to buy, but their are rumours of a Daemon book out in February after the Warriors of Chaos book in November. Seriously looking at doing my chaos warriors army some justice. Maybe get Tamurkhan on his toad dragon and go from there.

Must catalogue all of my stuff, I got about
Fantasy - Daemons Tzeentch 4k, Khorne 4k, Slaanesh 1.5k, Nurgle 1.5k,
Bretonnians 3k 7th ed, 4k 6th ed.,
Beastmen 2.5k,
Warriors of Chaos 1.5k High Elves 1k

40k - Beastmen LATD 1k
Dark Eldar 0.6k
Necromunda Escher Tank Company 1k

Missus has about 10k at least of Vampire counts, 2k probably of Skaven and 3k of Night goblins.

Oldest son, "the Little Liche" has 2k of Tomb Kings and 1k of Ultramarines.
Wood elf daughter, "the Little Dryad" has 1.5k of Wood elves and about 600pts of Orks.
Youngest daughter, "the Little Sorceress" has about 750 points of Dark elves.

Haven't decided names for the other 2 as they don't have armies yet. to my Mantic stuff, still waiting for my reulbook to be printed and posted with my Orc Army. Kind of hanging out for them now after a few months.

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