Thursday, August 9, 2012

Progressing Slowly.

So been busy Playing Civ 4 on the train, touched a bit of paint to my 36 Daemonettes, all the base colouring is done and first ink wash completed. so may nee another wash and then highlighting and touching up to be done and basing.

My better half managed to pick up an old starter set of we played last night, me as Servants of Cthulhu and her as Shangrila and the highlight of the game was killing Princess Di, never mind winning the game. Lots of good fun and better than the most recent Illuminati release.

I've been sorely tempted by the reaper bones Kickstarter lately.

We'll get back to that. My kids and I have been playing Heroquest and have finished the first campaign on last weekend. At the moment it is their favourite game of all time. So I have a little AD&D apprenticeship group happening with the five of them. The girls will probably end up playing Elves of some configuration, oldest boy will be a Wizard, youngest boy will be the barbarian/warrior/tank and the middle boy will run into the room and die every single time. So anyway back to the kickstarter...lots of miniatures for an awesome foundation for some basic D&D with the kids. as all the stretch goals are being realised it's pushing me to the brink. Especially as for $100US you get all this.

This might push my daemons back a little. I want to get 3 boxes of Plaguebearers, 1 of Nurglings, 1 of Flamers, 1 of Screamers, enough chariots for a hellflayer and exalted chariot. $73 is too much to pay for the blue scribes so will look for a cheaper way to get a verified quality version because it's finecast or just convert my own.

My first lot of Orcs fromt he Mantic Kickstarter should be shipped in the next few weeks once they have the print run done.

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