Wednesday, May 9, 2012

VC vs Demons March 2012

Ok, so a couple of months ago my friend came over and we played 2000 point battle.
I took:

Herald of Khorne
23 Bloodletters

Herald of Khorne BSB
23 Bloodletters

Herald of Tzeentch
26 Horrors

5 Fleshounds

1 Bloodcrusher

2 x 4 Flamers

2 Fiends of Slaanesh.

Deploying for meeting engagement, the lines are lengths of wool, it works really well.

I put my Bloodletters behind my horrors, so not the right location. *sigh*

Terrorgheist facing off to flamers in a venom thicket. Measuring stand and shoot distance just out of range.

Grave guard matching it up with T7 Horrors and what's left of the ghouls unit that got dwellered. Flamers need paint touching up too.

Trying to take out the indominateably huge Terrorgheist.

And another action shot.

So yeah you can see a lot of difference into what's been completed since the previous time I took pictures. Boards are all done and scenery that I have is about 30 odd pieces and 95% done. They do look good compared to last battle report. Since this battle I've managed to complete all my Nurgle and the 2 units of Bloodletters. I'll take some more pictures once we can find the camera cable to ercharge the camera.


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