Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our first game of 8th edition circa August 2011

It's a bit of a trip down memory lane from a year ago when Fern and I had 4000 points intro game to 8th edition of my Daemon's versus her Vampire Counts. Since taking these pictures, I've finished all the terrain here including painting and flock three 2"x4" gaming boards, painted all of my nurgle and rank filler, painted most of my Khorne.

 The battle is joined.

Staring down the line as the troops clash together.

Vlad trying to fit in. 20mm base might be too small for him.

  Plaguebearers being whittle down whilst bloodletters close in on the flanks.

Necromancers getting a beatdown.

Epidimius and the GUO close in for the kill now Vlad has resurrected himself.

Cornered the game ends. My bloodcrushers didn't even make it into combat.

Which tally really counts...

As to what we are doing now: Fern's been in horde painting mode for the last couple of weeks since she discovered garden stakes and I'm painting slowly my bloodcrushers and more speedily a couple of big monsters as a present for my son's 11th birthday.

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