Sunday, July 2, 2017

Afrika Korps finished

One month later I have my 800 points for tournament done that I went to yesterday. I actually have 200 points left over as well for another squad, mortar and anti-tank rifle. I came second and was one hungarian mortar crewman away from winning the tournament. Curses. My Afrikakorps are based on the 15th Panzer division.

1000 points Afrikakorps
 I build a lightbox to take pictures finally and they're looking pretty good in the following pictures. These photos were taken with a Samsung S5.

Opel Blitz

Panzer III Ausf J with short barrel 50mm

Hanomag C



HQ, mortar, anti-tan
1st squad

2nd squad

3rd squad


  1. Your modelling and paintwork look as fantastic in real life as they do in these photos, Sam.

  2. Awesome work mate very inspiring