Tuesday, May 30, 2017

DAK Army 15th Panzer Division 800 points

We're running an 800 point Tournament on the 75th anniversary of the 1st Battle of El Alamein. So I've decided to collect a themed force of 15th Panzer division DAK. I've got a Kubelwagaon, some Kradshutzen and a Truck to add to this force and I think it will not be as effective but nicely themed. I can always fall back on my Russians for ultra competitive play. I've also got extra enthusiasm as I'm particpating in Bolt action Facebook group competition to pledge to paint something in the Month of June.
DAK platoon so far featuring 2 x10squads of Heer infantry, a first lieutenant, a Panzer III Ausf J and a 251/1 Hanomag C

1st squad and HQ 2 man team, check out the radio.

Panzer III Ausf J (Warlord Games)

1st Squad

2nd Squad

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