Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Super Munchkin Dungeon Explore Quest, + a Hobby update

So we got a couple of games for the family for christmas as well as novels, card game addons (Munchkin) etc. These were Super Dungeon Explore and Munchkin Quest.

Mucnhkin Quest is great fun and very dynamic in it's exploration of Dungeons. The core mechanic from the card game remains the same but the exploration of rooms (random rooms and doors) is quite fun and we've already had lengthy multiple hour games with lots of partying together and the inevitable backstabbing. If you're not decisive in your fighting of Monsters early on you can get left behind fast so it helps to pair up with other players to defeat monsters early on.

I've spent a good 15 hours assembling and cleaning flash from the Super Dungeon Explore Miniatures. Having just primed all the miniatures white and selected all my brightest colours last night as my wife has challenged me saying I cannot paint them in bright colours. I'm probably going to end up painting more of it than playing as I'm stuck at work whilst the kids and the missus are busily playing it at home.

I did get a good 16 bit game in last night and had masses of fun with the Claw Tribe Barbarian. Starfire the Dragon had no chance. My oldest three are getting old enough that I didn't need to run as the DM, or in this case, the Consul.
Masses of Chibi fun.

As to Warhammer: I haven't touched the few Nurgle models I've assembled since christmas; 3 Plague drones, Blight kings and Morbidex are waiting to be primed and I still have to assemble 10 Plaguebearers and 10 Bestigors and 3 stands of Nurglings . I did however strip a Khorne lord on Jugger in metal and 10 Pestigors and a few extra ol' skool plaguebearers. Given the Expanded Khorne rules that are rumoured in the 5th end times book, I can't wait.

As to Warmahordes: I haven't done much other than add another lay of flock to my display board, I'm thinking of reseating the hinges close together on the weekend and picking up some water effects. My trollbloods haven't seen any paint for a month now so have been quite lazy there. Contemplating Mulg and Earthborn Dire Troll as next addons as well as Kriel warriors and various addons.

Flames of War Russians sit there gathering dust. I have M.W.A.D.D. (Miniature Wargaming Attention Deficit Disorder)

Other Miniatures: see above sentence +5.

Napoleonics: Thinking about Perry Miniatures French...hangon don't go there yet.

My hobby space saw a massive tidy up last weekend in time for our terrain workshop and we ordered a whole bunch of new terrain for the club which has just arrived today.
Battlefield in a Box Rivers for the club and Battlezone Ruined Sector.
Some assembly maybe required. Looks like another terrain day is required.

Rivers, both front and back.

Tributaries for a bit of variety

River Fords are quite nice.

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