Monday, December 15, 2014

Assembling the Funky Pestilent Swarm.

I have been assembling miniatures when I get time from my Pestilent Swarm Box set.

Putrid Blightking Champion: these miniatures are amazing. There are at least a dozen heads and about 10 different bellies and multiple arms including right shield arms. This is just a pic of the champion, the Musician is a little tinkerbell, he is adorned in bells, is wielding a giant bell and has a bell suspended in his stomach cavity. Glorious Nurgle.

Morbidex Twiceborn, there is so much detail on this miniature, I can't wait to paint him. The Maggoth mount's head and belly, a pair of arms and the rider's torso are the different pieces available other than the core. It will definately make 3 ignificantly different models, which will be cool, once I get around to the other 2.

Plague Drone Champion: I picked up another 3 Plague Drones in the Pestilent Swarm box set and started adding bits for the command from the Blightking leftovers, of which there were a lot. This dude has the scythe and the Nurgle fish head, which kind of seemed out of sorts for the blightkings box but then again maybe not.

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