Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tidy little Ogre army WIP

Deciding to take a break for a while from my Daemons, I have been building my Mantic Ogre army. At the moment, I have 12 Ogre Bulls with full command, 12 Irongut with full command, 8 Leadbelchers, 2 Characters, 20 goblin shooters (Gnoblars) and 3 Sabretasks. Over the next few weeks I hope to convert some Mournfang and an Iron blaster as well as a few more characters to have my fully realised Ogre army. And that's where I'll probably leave the army. Apart from possible Mantic Ogre Warlocks I don't see me adding to this little hobby project. I've already ran 1 successful game for a minor victory, I'm tooling around with some lists hoping to refine my game. Not only for Warhammer but for Kings of War as well I'm hoping to get a few demo games in as a cheaper alternative for Warhammer.

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