Sunday, February 9, 2014

Magnetising the Somethingagore

Table is ready for transport on Waitangi Day to Nick's place for some gaming. Free Dinner table and some MDF board screwed to the top. Fits snugly in the back of the people mover too. We ended up playing about a dozen games between all 5 of us on the day in practice for NZTC.

...And some pictures of magnetising I did for Fern's Somethingagore. I used 1mm by 2mm magnets with one for the head and 2 setas for each of the arms as they were too heavy for one. Overall came out pretty good.
Somethingagore ready and prepped.


Ravagore Pieces


Carnivean Pieces


Scythean in pieces.
 And for reference this is her Carnivean she has already assembled and painted.
 Also drilled and pinned another Feral Warpwolf for Ashley.

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