Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mantic Ogres from Kings of War Kickstarter

Ok the Ogre deal just got better.

The Same applies to the 'Ogre Army Deal', so if you pledge for that at $125 you now get:
27 x Ogres with Melee Weapons (your choice of Hand weapons & Shields or Two-Handed Weapons) - previously you only got 18

18 x Ores with Missile Weapons (your choice of Crossbows or Blunderbusses) - previously you only got 12

1 x Free Ogre Hero

2 x Free Ogre Command Sets

As Deoq said you have to email Stewart on:
telling him you want the increased number of figures rather than the lesser number of figures (seems strange but it is what Mantic has come up with, I would have thought it would have been simpler to just increase everybody's order).

Hope this helps.

If this is true I get 46 +3 instead of the 33+3 I was originally going to get.

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