Monday, May 27, 2013

Late May's Week in Gaming

So I finished painting 2 Daemon Princes. On Thursday we played Zombies!!! at the local Club. Though not much other gaming happening other thank 40k and the campaign and the WFRP going down at the club. Still 'twas a fun evening.
At the swap meet picked up 2 grail knights, Swan head knight and 10 metal bret spearmen, and a bunch of skaven for the missus and 40 Skeletons for my son's tomb kings (most of them still on the bone white sprues). I need to bite the bullet and buy some trebuchets for my Brets...some time.... after some skull cannons and flaming chariots and more beasts... or before... dunno... might even think of running them at a tournament, There is a bit of painting I need to do before that. Since I've stripped most of the metal it may take a while.

On Saturday I had an epic game of warhammer versus Hamish. He was popping his Empire cherry and I was playing a softer mixed list. Our games generally ends up in an argmuent over some rule or another and takes 4 hours.

Hamish took:
Archlector, level 4 light, level 2 heavens, warrior priest and BSB, 40 Halberdiers, 2 archer detachments (5 and 10), 2 great cannons,  1x 5 IC knights, 1x 5 knights, 5 chickens, 4 chickens,  hellblaster and engineeer and hurricanium.

I had:
LOC, Greater, 2 Lesser, Nurgle BSB, level 2 HoTz, 15 Horrors FC, 30 Plaguebearers FC, 5 TZ furies, 2x1 Beasts, 4 Beasts, 5 Hounds (Who I completely forgot about) and 2 Skillcannons

Turn 1

Hamish is writing up a a battle report for his inaugural post, which will no doubt be all lies and inconsistencies. Needless to say, 1 horror maintained the watchtower at the end of the game and we fairly decimated each other's armies. Hamish decided not to roll 6's except for his leadership tests. One flank crumbled in the first turn and his level 4 forgot 3 spells twice in the first turn (rolled a 10 and then 11 with forbidden rod). I got 4 beasts into the side of his halberdiers and 30 plaguebearers into the front and made them flee. At the end he had a cannon, hellblaster, engineer and 1 chicken left on 1 wound, I had my beasts plus another and plaguebearers and flesh hounds left. So ~550 points before watchtower points allocated.

Lesson's learnt:
  • Whilst Treason and glean magic are awesome, against armour nothing is better than lore of metal. turning a whole bunch of meat sacks into gold and searing pwning chickens is more than awesome.
  • Got to remember flesh hounds. The would have cleaned up his artillery and I would have tabled him.
Lord of Change still hasn't managed to assplode anyone. It will be epic when it happens.

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