Monday, July 9, 2012

First Daemonettes and Zombie Dragon

 So a bit of an update, Started the colour scheme and have 6 daemonettes almost finished. Liking them a lot. Arms keep falling off a fair bit for some reason.

Assembled Fern's Zombie Dragon, definitely is a paint as you go miniature. Although the miniature wording maybe wanting as it's about 6 inches tall.

A couple of pics of armies that I need to get around to.

Beastmen: 2 units of 25+ Gors, 30+ Ungors, 10 Ungor Raiders, Jabberslythe (Reaper Jabberwocky), 2 little GW baby jabberwockies (counts as Spawn) another 6 spawn, a converted Ghorgon and a few characters (Morghur, Khazrak and Malagor). Also there is 10 unassembled Bestigors. The plan is to buy another 2 battalions, find some proxy razorgors, a Minotaur bus (you herd me, haha) and 2 Chariots.

Chaos Warriors: this is gonna be a big army with a lot of marauders, but I'm gonna wait for October when the new Chaos Army book is out. Hopefully I'll be finished my Daemons by then.

....And the next big project will be to build 1 or 2 more cabinets to fit our minis as this one is overflowing. My dad built it for my 21st over 10 years ago. Yep it's filled to overflowing.  From top to bottom

7th Shelf(top): Slaaneshi (currently on painting table), Nurgle, and Khorne Daemons,
6th Shelf: Miscellaneous, some Warmachine Cygnar, Mordheim sisters, Necromunda Escher, a few monsters, some Chronopia, Confrontation Ragnarok, and other bits.
5th Shelf: Bretonnians
4th Shelf: Tzeentch Daemons, 4 seperate editions of daemons.
3rd Shelf: some of Fern's Vampire Counts
2n Shelf: My High Elves and Fern's Goblin army
1st Shelf(bottom); My Beastmen and Chaos Warrior armies.
Not much spare space...

Yep... need more room as I have Dark Eldar

...and dreadfleet to add,

...also need to split a few shelves for armies

... and Fern has her Skaven.

...oh and my Kings of War Orcs.

...oh and my 40k LATD (Lost and the damned) Beastmen.

...then there is the Kids' armies.


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