Monday, July 16, 2012

Chariot of Slaanesh

Onto my 3rd lot of Daemonettes in progress and Chariot, doing 6 at a time and touching up the previous sets as I go. I've got about 18 more to do after this, also included the reaper mini Vandorendra as my herald of slaaneshi on foot.

The Chariot is the old Chaos warriors chariot. The horses on the original were naff and the Chaos Warriors so-so, I think this is a much prettier use for them. It's a daemon smiley face chariot. I've also just got a normal champion Daemonette as Herald riding the Chariot.
The Seekers are done except for their tongues, haven't decided on the colour and the chariot is still wip.

From left to right, Daemonette command group, the Masque, Herald of Slaaneshi (Vandorendra), and plain Daemonette.

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