Sunday, March 18, 2018

Thanks Nuffle!

I've started playing Bloodbowl, having played 1 game 20 years ago and 1 last year I thought it was about time. The Festering Furuncles is a Nurgle Rotters team with some Mantic Zombies, old school 5th Edition chaos warriors and converted beastmen. Not to mention an Ancient Beast of Nurgle from the depths of time.

Festering Furuncles

Next is the Stompy Grinderz, they are again made up of old school 5th edition chaos warriors  and converted beastmen. Again there is an ancient miniature in here and it's the minotaur whose actual name is "Ox-Roar Chaos Champion of Ultimate Slaughter"
The Stompy Grinderz
My turn, scoring and reroll counters.

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